Exhibition hall


Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center is the former Shanghai Pudong Theme Pavilion. Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center is a high-standard, modern and international exhibition venue with advanced facilities, reasonable layout, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation, and complete functions. The total construction area is about 129,000 square meters-80,000 square meters above ground, 49,000 square meters underground, and the building height is about 27.7 meters. The shape revolves around the concept of “liong” and “tiger window”, and uses “origami” techniques to form a three-dimensional structure from two-dimensional planes to three-dimensional space. The charm of Shikumen architecture. This unique shape makes the building a highlight in the Expo Park. After the World Expo, it will be converted into a standard exhibition venue. Each exhibition hall can be flexibly divided and combined according to the needs of the exhibition. Various professional exhibitions can be held. Meeting, event and accommodation-oriented modern service industry gathering area.

Travel information
Address of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center: 1099 Guozhan Road or 111 World Expo Road.

1. Main subway lines: Line 8 (Zhonghua Art Palace Station), Line 13 (World Expo Avenue Station) and Line 7 (Yaohua Road Station) can be reached.

2. The main bus routes: buses 314, 787, 815, 610, 786, etc.
The venue connects Lupu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge, Dapu Road Tunnel and other major river crossings.