China (Shanghai) International Testing,Inspection Certifification Exhibition 2023

Time:May 17-19, 2023   Address:SWEECC·CHINA

Exhibition Background
China testing, inspection and certification serves as an important technical support for national economic and social development. The internationally recognized national quality technology foundation consists of inspection and standards, metrology, certification and accreditation, which plays a very important role in maintaining national and social public safety, promoting the improvement of product and service quality, protecting consumer interests, and speeding up industrial upgrading as well. With the in-depth implementation of the supply-side structural reform of national economy, the pace of industrial transformation has continued to accelerate and new business formats such as the “four new” economy have flourished so that testing, inspection and certification industry is facing the huge market opportunities and development space. As of 2018, there were 481 certification agencies across the country, with a total of 1.937 million valid certificates and 625,000 certified organizations. Besides, there were nearly 40,000 testing and inspection institutions, and 428 million inspection reports are issued annually. Moreover, there were 171 accredited certification agencies and 10,439 accredited testing and inspection institutions. The scale of the inspection, testing and certification service industry exceeds 270 billion yuan. In view of relevant data and regional distribution, the number of inspection, testing and certification accreditation institutions is more concentrated and the resources are more abundant in circum-Bohai sea region, coastal area of east China, and coastal area of south China where the regional economy is developed and the demand for inspection, testing and certification is relatively exuberant. The testing, inspection and certification industry has huge development opportunities in China, in addition to the country’s vigorous promotion, people’s awareness of quality and safety is also continuously strengthened, and the market commissioned testing has gradually become the mainstream, at the same time the testing and inspection work has been highly valued and actively promoted by the entire society. At present, China’s inspection and certification industry has a large market share and development space. At this stage, various
testing, inspection and certification agencies mainly open up the market with effective channels, such as participating in industry exhibitions, holding seminars, customer appreciation meetings, or choosing to cooperate with relevant industry organizations and governments.

New Opportunity
In order to promote the acceptance of testing, inspection and certification, improve the quality of supply, push forward the development of high-quality emerging industries, strengthen market supervision and enhance international competitiveness, China (Shanghai) International Testing, Inspection & Certification Exhibition 2023 will be held on May 17-19, 2023 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, approved by State Administration for Market Regulation, hosted by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.. Relying on the strong Chinese market demand, the exhibition will create a grand event of China testing, inspection and certification industry in Shanghai with the help of a combination of activities such as exhibition display, information exchange and trade negotiation. Furthermore, the purpose of the exhibition is mainly to provide an effective communication platform for testing, inspection, certification and accreditation institutions to promote information communication and work positioning for both supply and demand sides, so that testing, inspection, certification and accreditation can play an important role in the supervision and economic development of the Chinese market. During the exhibition, China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Measurement Technology and Equipment Exhibition, International Metrology and Measurement Development Forum, National Metrology Dean Summit, and thematic forums in various metrology fields will be held. As the only international procurement fair in the field of metrology and measurement in China, it is not only a platform for outstanding companies in the industry to comprehensively display new technologies, products and solutions, but also an ideal platform for communicating with both science and technology and industry technology.

Concurrent Activities
The exhibition will take the successful experience of the first expo, and will hold the international metrology testing development forum,the national metrology dean summit and the special forums in various metrology fields.We hope to focus on the metrology and testing industry through a series of activities to extend the scope of metrology and inspection with the coverage of exhibits.More enterprises and buyers in the industry can directly talk to the exhibitors through the exhibition to enhance the friendship and cooperation from the supply and demand sides.

Target Audiences

Representatives of testing and inspection, certification and accreditation institutions, research institutes, universities and enterprises in the industry, agriculture, mining, consumer goods manufacturing industry (including textiles, clothing, daily necessities, etc.), construction industry, energy and fuel, aerospace, hydropower production and supply industry, chemical industry, electronics and electrical industry, automotive industry, food Industry, life sciences, consulting services industry, retail industry, pharmaceuticals industry, scientific research, technical services industry, water conservancy, environment and public facilities management, health management and other industries.

Exhibition contact
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