Group Purchase

To provide more convenient services for visitors, the exhibition specially launches promotion activities for group visiting. If there are 15 or more people register to visit, you can enjoy the following special services:

■ Direct send the card to visitors in advance to easily obtain it, which can save waiting time and avoid spending time that required to queue up for all the documents.
■ Provide VIP service for on-site special guide and arrange the exhibition schedule, so that you can visit in an efficient and easy way.
■ Provide convenient business travel service for 24 hours business travel assistance so you’re your travel is more favorable, and the journey is easier. You will receive 1 Shanghai transportation card with 20 yuan and 1 Shanghai map.
■ Receive 1 official souvenir of the exhibition, get a free photo of the professional photographic team and leave a good memory.

The head of the team will also receive the following VIP privileges:

■ Free hotel stay at the designated hotel during the exhibition, exempting from travel and accommodation.
■ A limited edition VIP gift from the organizer for you.
■ Receive 2 exhibition catalogue of “China International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2019”.

Group notes:

■ Submit the visiting group registration form before the 1st of May, the organizer will review and apply for the visitor card.
■ Confirm the team schedule with the organizer on May 15th.
■ Coordinate with the organizers to organize and coordinate the members of the visiting group.

Instructions for the visiting group:

■ Members must be in the measurement industry, medical industry, and surveying and mapping industry who are over 18 years of age or older.
■ Obey the management organization of the head of the team and actively cooperate with the staff of the exhibition.

The organizer of the exhibition reserves the right of final explanation